Papa Bueno Anejo Tequila

Añejo (aged)

40% alc. vol. (80 proof)

Papa Bueno Añejo is aged in oak barrels for a minimum of twelve months, and blended to reveal a smooth, smoky oak tequila with light, warm caramel coloring. It is excellent for sipping and, with its vanilla-honey highlights, mixes well in robust cocktails. Each bottle is artisan-blown 100% recycled glass.

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  • Details

    • COLOR: Light, warm caramel.
    • AROMA: Light, vanilla-honey with smoky oak and faint citrus hints.
    • TASTE: Oh so Smooth! Warm, honest oak, fruity with light caramel and honey. Simple to enjoy, complex to ponder.
    • FINISH: Warm caramel, beauty, soft agave notes.
  • Available Sizes

    40% Alc. Vol. // Available in 50 ML/750ml

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Oct 1, 2017,

Hawk Alley is alive as BOOBOOLALA takes the Tequila stage. We are ready to see the Hawks take down the Colts! Join us and party the day away!

Oct 7, 2017,

With upcoming Country Artist Canaan Smith the Papa Bueno Crew is supporting Blessings Under the Bridge, lifting Spokane's homeless for more than 10 years

The Seattle FC Pub Crawl 2017
Oct 15, 2017,

We're ecstatic to announce partnership on an all-new Seattle Sounders-focused pub crawl event to be held on Sunday, October 15th. GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!

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