Our Story

Who We Are

We Love People and Tequila

We live for fun, for it is fun to live

We distill our handcrafted tequila from the finest sun ripened agave offered by the legendary highlands of Jalisco. The result is crisp tequila ready-made for smooth shots, bold cocktails and unfiltered fun. We invite you to be authentic, drink responsibly and be part of the Papa Bueno family.

Be you, and you’ll earn your fun.

Dedicated to Community

Being bueno means giving back, lifting and supporting.  We are dedicated to our communities and great causes.    

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Our Craft

Tequila Original

Distilled Sustainably in Antotonilco El Alto, Mexico

Everything matters – water, land, people – to making it right.  If not used in the tequila, it goes back to the land. Our promise to you.

Making It

"Working together and sharing is how we live. Giving back while enjoying life is who we are."

- Scott Greenburg | Papa Bueno Founder

Our Passion

Supporting local artists & great Causes

Music is in our DNA--supporting talented artists and musicians like Booboolala, Decent at Best and Ethan Tucker only makes sense.  We look to discover exciting and smiling sounds and images, and we pledge to keep serving them to you with a side of tequila.

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Decent at Best

A smile from the lead singer after he hits a high note and you will be in love. These Tacoma based artists are winning over the hearts of the PNW with their good vibes, inviting tones and decent personalities.

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Whether you are in the back of the bar or center stage you will feel Booboolala. A sound will hit you, one more unique and authentic than their name. They are masters of creating an infectious energy that will have you dancing and shaking your groove thang all night long.

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Ethan Tucker

Ethan Tucker’s trademark sound of acoustic roots and layered electric guitars combined with an unmistakable soulful and bluesy vocal, is a recipe which has garnered attention from some of his most popular contemporaries, as well as bonafide legends.

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