Making It

Our Process for

Well Crafted Tequila

Working with Nature

We know it's best to let nature do its work before we do ours, so for seven years we patiently wait for the highland sun to craft the perfect crop. When the time arrives, the plump, ripe agave is hand-harvested and cut for the brick ovens at our distillery in the legendary tequila town of Antotonilco El Alto. Once the piña, or heart of the agave, has properly cooked it yields a warm honey-flavored nectar, and we begin the fermentation and distillation processes. That’s when the magic happens.

Harvest it. Cook it.
Distill it. Age it.

Our Partners

Leave the distilling to the masters

Juan & Luis

A 3rd gen tequila master, Juan Eduardo Nunez of El Viejto (NOM 1107) teams with cousin Luis and a dedicated team in Atotonilco El Alto to perfect Papa Bueno’s world-class tequilas (an unprecedented 99 rating - the “BEST white tequila. Period.” The Pour Fool, Seattle PI Blog.)  We love these guys!  Definitely Bueno!

"It's the right water, agave, facilities and equipment, lots of experience and no shortcuts. We are improving on perfection."

- Juan Nunez | Papa Bueno Distiller

The Result

Tequila Original

Tequila to Share

Papa Bueno Silver is double distilled to be smooth and ready to enjoy immediately, but for the richer-flavored Papa Bueno Añejo, our tequila must age in oak barrels for at least a year. 100% agave. 100% passion. Whoa! Smooth.