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Our Passion

Supporting local artists & great Causes

Music is in our DNA--supporting talented artists and musicians like Aaron Crawford, Booboolala, Caleb Jermaine and Decent at Best only makes sense.  We look to discover exciting and smiling sounds and images, and we pledge to keep serving them to you with a side of tequila.

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Aaron Crawford

Aaron Crawford is defining the Cascade Country sound.  From the country-rock ballad Evergreen to the sizzling fun of Me Time and Hurricane, Aaron's tunes are memorable, danceable and definitely Bueno! We proudly support the Country King of the Cascades!

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Caleb Jermaine

Caleb Jermaine's R&B Soul sounds are born of Northwest experience, lifting you with Dreams and Legends.  Featured at our Seafair Party and the Hawk Alley Tailgates, Caleb's performances on the Tequila Stage always impress. Papa Bueno proudly supports this Tacoma original! 

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Decent at Best

A smile from the lead singer after he hits a high note and you will be in love. These Tacoma based artists are winning over the hearts of the PNW with their good vibes, inviting tones and decent personalities.

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Whether you are in the back of the bar or center stage you will feel Booboolala. A sound will hit you, one more unique and authentic than their name. They are masters of creating an infectious energy that will have you dancing and shaking your groove thang all night long.

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